Gotta see this.

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8/10 Families That Prey

Chalk one up for all of us who skipped prom.

The Loved Ones is about a handsome young buck from Australia named Brent. He goes to school and has a nice, steady girlfriend, but behind closed doors, Brent’s in bad shape. He blames himself for his father’s death and cuts himself to cope with the guilt. He’s come a long way, but life’s been better. Quite unfortunately, it’s about to get a lot worse. See, there’s this girl in his class; an odd, meek girl named Lola. On one such fateful day, Lola works up the courage to ask Brent to prom. Being that he’s spoken for and all, he lets Lola down in the nicest, most genuine way one could to a relative stranger. Then he heads home, takes out some aggression on himself, and while out in the woods blasting doom metal through…

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